Climate change

Bilderesultat for climate change hurricanes and cyclonesClimate change has been at the center of attention for a time now and for good reason. It is causing ever large and ever deadlier hurricanes and cyclones. The areas around the Gulf and Mexico are some of the places that are especially endangered. With the recent Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

However it is alarming, the way the U.S government manipulates the death tolls to seem less dramatic, and they try their best to hide the numbers altogether.  Some examples being they replace the original number being for example 2 000 and shifts the number into a word phrase such as “hundreds have passed away” rather than saying “Several thousand has departed”.  Another example would be if the death toll was 24 they could say that the Hurricane had claimed a few lives.

The truth is, that the Emergency Services are not fit to handle hurricanes, and they are unable to help everyone who needs it. During the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year the death statistics showed a number of 2 975 deceased, even though the Puerto Rican government originally claimed the death toll was only at 64 people.

The president of the United States; Donald. J. Trump made a statement of the U.S Emergency Services did a “fantastic job”, handling the hurricane, even though nearly 3 000 had passed away. He followed up in his statement by adding that this was a much better-handled situation than hurricane Katrina in 2005, though the casualties were less, is 1 200. The conclusion here lays with the United States of America being unable to deal with hurricanes like these because they’d rather spend money on their military than the Emergency Services that they so clearly need in situations like these.


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