In today lesson, the team was learning how to learn. Basically, we were learning how to study and how to get the most out of it. By doing this we learned the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is a technique that helps you study. It involves that you work for 25 minutes. In this 25 minutes, you only going to work with your work. You must turn off all your distractions and focus! When the 25 minutes have passed by, you take a break, it’s important to give yourself a reward. The reward can be for example go for a run or watch your favorite show. The reward is so important because it can make the 25 minutes seem easier because you have something to look forward to. It also makes you think of something else, and it will get easier to work for a longer time. The break only lasts for five minutes, and when they up, you start working in 25 minutes again. Bilderesultat for learn

By using the Pomodoro technique it is important that you don´t think of it like something you has to finish. For example “I am going to finish this homework set” or “I am going to work on this problem and get it all finished”, don´t think like that! The work will be more productive and fun if you work focus.

We also have two different ways to work. We have focus mode and diffuse mode. This is about how you can turn information into intelligence, and you can only be in one mode at the time. The focus mode is when you sit down and you focus on what you´re learning. You´re activating task-positive networks and then you can get frustrated because you can´t understand it, and when you give up your mind goes on something else. And when you come back to the work you suddenly understand is. You go back and forth between this two leaning methods.




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