Spare Parts


Spare Parts is a movie based on the Wired Magazine article “La Vida Robot” by Joshua Davis. The story is about four Hispanic high school students from a robotics club under the leadership of their school´s newest teacher, Fredi. Bilderesultat for spare parts movie

The film doesn´t focus on people succeeding dramatically in athletics, but rather on people succeeding dramatically in academics, and this gives an important message of the film. The four boys have their own problem with family, but the film is at its best when they are working together as a team. For example when they work together so all of them can be apart of the competition. The boys were born in Mexico and living in the bad part of Phoenix, undocumented immigration. Oscar was ROTC, a born leader. Lorenzo torn between flashy styøe and even flashier outbursts of anger. Christian was a naturaø scientist and inventor, and Luis a gentle giant.

  1. There wasn´t much that was surprising about the difference in the story that was in the movie and the story that actually happened. The only thing that surprised me was that there was actually to teachers in the club.
  2. The difference in resources the teams has to use on the robot was that their robot only cost 800 bucks and used car parts and this influenced their work actually all the way to first place. The judges were so impressed by their low budget and how their build the robot.
  3. A robot can be useful to help decommission reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plants, to undergo tests before entering the harsh radioactive environment and it can trace brain activity invisible to the human eye.



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