Is it Brave to suffer in silence

When people are suffering in silence it can be for different reasons, but is it brave to suffer in silence. This depends on what your suffering about. You can be depressed or your knee is hurting. Either way, I believe it doesn’t make you brave to be silence, it makes you brave to speak out.

If your suffering from depression it can prolong your suffering by not speaking about it. When I say speaking out, I don´t mean telling everybody you know. People should find people that they trust and find a way to open up for them, for example, a friend or a psychologist. You may hope that the suffering will go away on its own, but if you wait too long, your symptoms may become harder to treat, you are only delaying your treatment.

Hemmingway´s style

Ernest Hemmingway is one of the most widely-read and well-known authors of the 20th century. His short story “A Day’s Wait” (1936), the story conveys the seemingly tragic outcome of miscommunication between a boy and his father. The style of “A Day´s Wait” befits the theme of this short story as it is, a portrayal of an individual´s stoic courage in the face of his perceived death. It is the writing style that communicates the ideas of a writer. To identify a writer´s style, there are three elements to focus on. The first one is word choice. Hemingway strives to use vivid verbs and precise nouns rather than using many adjectives and adverbs. The second is sentence structure and variety. In “A Day´s Wait”, he often uses long sentences for descriptions and short sentences when characters are talking. And the last one is dialogue, or in other words, conversations between characters. Hemingway relies heavily on realistic dialogue as a method of characterization. Note that each speaker´s words are framed by quotes and the line is indented when someone new is speaking when you’re reading a dialogue.

Hemingway´s style is so distinct Related imageand admired that writers often try to copy it. He said that the best writing advice he ever received was “Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs. Use vigorous English, not forgetting to strive for smoothness.” The advice came from the writing guidelines he received as a young reporter working for the Kansas City Star. We can see that Hemingway took thous guidelines advice. “A Day´s Wait” is an example of Hemingway´s own advice for becoming a good writer, “When people talk, listen completely. Don´t be thinking what you´re going to say. Most people never listen. Nor do they observe.” Hemmingway started with the bare minimum and build, and then going back over your writing to see where details might ass interest and clarity. As I already said, the dialogue is very important in Hemingway´s stories. In “A Day´s Wait” after the doctor takes the boy´s temperature, the brief exchange that occurs between the doctor and the boy´s father is what triggers the boy´s day of suffering. Another advice from Hemingway is to see every event from all sides, “Get in somebody else´s head for a change. If I bawl you out, try to figure what I´m thinking about as well as how you feel about it.” Hemingway’s life experiences were a rich source of material. He was a fisherman and a hunter, went to bullfights and experienced both World War I and World War II. He lived in Europe, Cuba, and different parts of the United States. I’m not suggesting that you need to do similar things. Just embrace life.



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